If you should happen to lose a piece or not be satisfied with one of our puzzles contrary to expectations, please contact the sales partner you bought the puzzle from. We have chosen our partners very carefully to ensure that you receive help or replacement as soon as possible in your own language.

If there is no sales partner for Éléments noirs puzzles in your country yet, and you want to apply for this position, please contact us in German or English via email at:

We are only interested in online sales partnerships and only work with one partner per country. If you want to be our partner, you must meet the following requirements:

+ You operate an online shop specifically and exclusively for puzzles.
+ Your customer service reacts quickly and accommodatingly.
+ Online mail order is your mail field of business

Éléments noirs
L + N GmbH
Schokholtzstr. 6
D-06217 Merseburg

CEO: Robert Letsch