About us

Éléments noirs are puzzles for the senses. We have fully dedicated us to the matter of human beings. Look at human through our eyes: And see them as unique works of art. The beauty of the human body, emotions and passion are the topics of our motifs. Examine the beauty of being, but also the abysses of the soul with us.

We only publish motifs of first-class artists on our puzzles. Every one of these artists has an exceptional talent for capturing the human essence on images, making it tangible for everyone. All of our motifs have a special and unique feel.

Éléments noirs Puzzles are available in excellent printing quality on the thick, black pieces we are famous for.

Our puzzles are exclusively available online and only in the best puzzle shops worldwide that meet our quality demands with their exemplary customer service. In every country only from the one single, best provider.